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Brand agencies Brand agencies are dealers which are part of the official dealer network of the corresponding Swiss importer and meet all requirements set out by this importer. The importer supplies new vehicles to brand representatives only. Service points Service points for repairs and services from the selected brands but there is no official cooperation with the corresponding importer. Search either by official brand agencies only or by the official brand agency and this brand's service points.
Brand agencies + Service points
20 quality features of mh-certified vehicles and services for a guaranteed trouble-free purchase: The vehicle: 1. Warranty: all vehicles delivered with warranty 2. Extended warranty available 3. MOT valid 12 months minimum 4. Service: previously owned service, service history available 5. Tyres: minimum tread depth 3 mm 6. Specifications: all vehicles meet Swiss regulations 8. Accident-free: all vehicles present no accident damage 9. Swiss vehicle: all vehicles imported by Swiss importer 10. Condition: good all-round appearance 11. Parts and components: tested and fit for purpose 12. Engine, gears and transmission system: tested and fit for purpose Your bike dealer: 13. All vehicles stored on dealer premises 14. and featured and documented on 15. Vehicle descriptions are correct and honest 16. Sold vehicles are deleted from the website within 24 hours 17. All vehicles are less than 8 years old and have less than 50,000 km on the clock 18. The buyer receives a signed certificate from the dealer 19. All vehicles are advertised by an official motorcycle dealer 20. Your motorcycle dealer is also there for you after your purchase! © 2014
BMW Motorrad Premium Selection BMPS Quality Standards + BMPS Motorrad age: 4 years to max. 50,000 km or 6 years and max. 30,000 km + 12-24 months vehicle warranty + 12-24 months BMW Assistance + Mechanical & optical vehicle condition complies with BMPS quality guidelines (360° check) + immediate test drive option + leasing/finance option
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Certified dealers
Gewerbestrasse 1
8606 Nänikon-Greifensee

Tel: 043 399 20 70

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Gewerbestrasse 5
4450 Sissach

Tel: 061 971 67 43

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Bernstrasse 115
4852 Rothrist

Tel: 062 794 20 02

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Reinacherstrasse 80-84
4053 Basel

Tel: 061 322 79 78

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Gähwilerstrasse 22
9533 Kirchberg

Tel: 071 931 53 43

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