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mh certification

What does mh certification mean for the buyer?

As previously described in the buyer advice,
the best deal is not always the cheapest offer. The buyer needs to take into account several
points to avoid disappointment.

We at are resolved making your decision to purchase a previously owned
motorcycle an easier one, we have created mh certification.

What is mh certification?

We want to offer you the security of selecting a new bike without the risks and dangers online, viewing and buying it from the dealer.

At, a predetermined, clearly defined 20-points quality charter must be met to sell certified previously owned motorcycles.

This way, you are in a position to reserve or buy a motorcycle 'unseen' right from the online search. (Incidentally, this is increasingly common in motorcycle financing. Trust in the certified previously owned vehicles is such that users actually buy vehicles unseen).

However, if you still prefer a visit to the dealership, you can rest assured that the vehicle will live up to your expectations and you will not lose time going back and forth in the search for a suitable vehicle.

mh certified motorcycles

These are vehicles which meet the 20-point mh certification rule.

The dealer/seller has undergone specific training and offers written assurance that he sells only certified motorcycles which meet or exceed the following 20 points.

This is your peace of mind motorbike guarantee!

The following quality features concern the vehicle

  1. Warranty: the vehicle is delivered with a warranty
  2. Warranty extensions are available
  3. MOT: valid for at least 12 months
  4. Service: previously owned service completed, service logbook available
  5. Tyres: minimum profile depth of at least 3 mm
  6. Regulations: the vehicle meets Swiss legislation
  7. Accessories/equipment: operating manual/vehicle tools available
  8. Accident-free: the vehicle is free from accident damage
  9. Swiss vehicle: the vehicle was imported by a Swiss importer
  10. Condition: good all-round appearance
  11. Parts and components: tested and fit for purpose
  12. Engine, transmission and driveline: tested and fit for purpose
  13. That the vehicle is on the dealer's premises
  14. And registered and documented at
  15. the vehicle descriptions are accurate and truthful
  16. all vehicles sold are deleted from the website within 24 hours
  17. All vehicles are younger than 8 years old and have less than 50,000 km on the clock
  18. The buyer receives the signed certificate from the dealer
  19. The vehicle is advertised by an official motorcycle dealer
  20. Your motorcycle dealer is also there for you after your purchase!

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Vehicle identification with the mh certificate: a vehicle with the mh certificate increases in value by between CHF 200 and 600, depending on the sales price.

The mh certificate

When buying a certified motorcycle, you receive the signed certificate from the dealer

find mh certified previously owned vehicles and dealers

You can search the Previously owned and Dealers sections for mh certification:

Previously owned section: only show certified vehicles

Dealer section: only show certified dealers

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